Surfer Dudes® "Hossegor" Hank

The new beach toy of the moment! Choose this character who represent an authentic surfer from "Hossegor", the mythical french spot.

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Surfer Dudes® "Hossegor" Hank
Surfer Dudes® is the first toy that surfs the waves. It does not use batteries and guarantees hours of fun on the beach.

There are 6 characters, combine or collect them for your children to play with friends on the beach.

More info about Surfer Dudes® "Hossegor" Hank:

He grew up in Hossegor, France. His childhood idol was Jack Johnson, the famous surfer and singer. His worst wipeout was at Les Cavaliers, Anglet.

The best moments in his life: surfing Cloud 9 and Teahupoo. He loves spots like Cyclops, Byron Bay, Rainbow Bay, y Bells Beach.
  • Mantra: “Le surf est la vie!"
  • Local spot local: Hossegor and Biarritz
  • Favorite spot: Teahupoo
  • Best trick: Carving 360!
​* Surfer Dudes® mustn't be used by kids under 3 years and for kids under 6 we recommend an adult supervising.

You can see the Surfer Dudes® in action in the following video: 
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