Creatures - Functional quality in Stand Up Paddle accessories

CREATURES - Functional quality in Stand Up Paddle accessories

Creatures Yallingup y John Malloy

Yallingup on Australia's southwest coast, has seen some of the best surfers in the world for a long time. The region features multiple breaks in a relatively short portion of the coast, most of them of known for their high quality and with waves comparable to those in Hawaii.

That was the place Creatures chose to create Surf and Stand Up Paddle accessories, more than 25 years ago.

A long time ago in this region, a young John Malloy settled down after arriving from Los Angeles in 1972. In the next 4 years, him and a friend developed the first urethane leash in the world, with injection molded pieces in order to tackle the powerful local waves. This gamble resulted in a passion for designing and manufacturing surf accessories that continues to this day.

These Australian beaches are the perfect spot to test Stand Up Paddle accessories. None of Creatures' products reach the shelves without going through a strict testing and exhaustive training programme in the local waves by Creatures personnel, sponsored riders and the members of Creatures' international surf crew.

All that Creatures does, as they have been doing for a quarter of a century, is combine the lessons learned by their extensive SUP experience with meticulous design and the use of cutting edge materials.

Creatures' Stand Up Paddle accessories are internationally renowned for their qualityfunctionality and durability.
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