About Us

We are in love with the sea, the waves and SUP. It's our goal to get everyone paddling, practicing and enjoying Stand Up Paddle along the shores and lakes of Spain and Portugal. Be it for a short tour, traversing a lake with a group of friends, paddling in the sunrise, surfing or just exercising on the board, we want to be a part of it and offer you the best SUP products in the market at competitive prices. That is the HoeNalu spirit.

HoeNalu is a word made from two hawaiian terms, Hoe: to paddle, and Nalu: to surf the waves. So HoeNalu roughly means Paddle Surf.

We are a young team looking to help you find the board that better fits your needs and products that fit your budget in order to practice SUP. We are hard at work looking for the best courses, lessons and activities along the spanish coasts and islandswith our HoeNalu certification of quality that will guarantee the quality and enjoyment you deserve when learning SUP.

We are always open to suggestions and our team strives to solve any problems in a fast and efficient manner, all it takes is for you to contact us through our webpage.

Who is behind HoeNalu.com?

We are an online store dedicated to Stand Up Paddle and Surfing and we want to let you know who we are and what we do. And what better way to get to know us in our day's work, but we are not talking just to paddling but preparing your orders, advise and above all enjoy paddle surfing in all aspects.

We introduce you the people behind HoeNalu.com


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