Work with us

The good thing about being a young team is that we are growing step by steps. In order to facilitate the vacancies that we have available we open this section in order to explain if your profile is in accordance with what we are looking for and to provide a way to meet you. This will always be part of our selection process for you to join our team.

We would like to give you an idea of ​​the characteristics or general characteristics of the type of person we usually look for.
  • Proactive, understanding the requests and taking the initiative to improve any requirement. In the case that the resolution of an incident applies, have the ability to do so in the most effective way.
  • Oriented to the objective, and that is how we work with goals, milestones and clear objectives to meet them in times that are sometimes more aggressive than others but always realistic.
  • Flexible, we are interested in meeting the objectives and therefore we seek and offer flexibility.
  • With desire to learn not only to do the basics but to keep you up to date, to make things better and more effective and above all to make you feel comfortable with the work you do.
  • Being located in Marbella, we are interested if you are from the area but we are not closed to review your profile if you are a little further away. 

Vacancies available

At the moment we do not have vacancies available but if you wish you can send us your CV through the following form