Pure Fanatic

Composition of Fanatic Pure Technology
Pure is a new manufacturing technology for SUP boards that results in light and durable products. Developed by Fanatic, they are great for everyday use.

Watch the image with the numerated layers and you can observe the thick outer resin layer (number 2 in the image), this layer grants extra resistance against impacts. The strategic use of glass resin reinforcements around the borders (number 3 in the image) guarantees the correct rigidity. It's also important to note the reinforcement this technology provides on the stance area (number 4 in the image) plus the fiber layer around the whole deck (number 5 in the image). The super light EPS core (number 6 in the image) adds to the lightness of the construction, all of it with a protective outer barnish finish and a deluxe pad at three quarters of the board..
  • Super light EPS Foam core
  • Fiber reinforcements in the deck and edges that improve rigidity
  • Stance area with reinforcements in wood and resin
  • Deluxe pad at three quarters of the board

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