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The RSS System is one of a kind and exclusive to RedPaddle Co.

It consists of two semi-rigid blades inserted in the side compartments of a RedPaddle Co inflatable board.

Thanks to this, you get an increase of a board's rigidity of about 40%

RSS Battens are used in all 100mm/3.93” thick boards (excluding the 9'4" Snapper), with the purpose of achieving the same rigidity than 120mm/4.72” boards, but keeping the same maneuverability and performance of the slimmer boards.

Tec Air Technology is a rigorous process used by RedPaddle Co. to optimize and offer excellent results to the production stages of a new Inflatable SUP board. Each inflatable board in Red Paddle is made following Tec Air's instructions in order to assure the best quality possible.

Under their motto "Strength comes from Inside", they make special stress on the use of high quality materials. Starting with Drops Stitch membranes with high density per inch that offer improved resistance to high pressure, these membranes do not follow the lineal pattern other manufacturers use, but utilize several threads, which you can actually see as dots on the board. The membranes can reach different thickness according to the size and shape of each Paddle Surf board, with the goal of achieving more volume and rigidity with less air pressure.

Their manufacturing process surpasses expectations and offers tranquility while assuring usage in any surface. RedPaddle's inflatable boards are made in two layers, like two boards in one. First, they construct a board, layering the drop stitch membrane and then, over the same board they layer again, with the help of high pression rollers, in order to give shape to the board, specifically the rocker.

But in order to be safe, once the second layering process is done, they reinforce the edges with two additional layers in order to achieve a Quad Rail construction, assuring an almost bullet-proof product. The extra layers in the edges add protection to the most delicate part of the board, which is the part that usually receives the most hits and could produce a blowout, something almost impossible with Red Paddle's boards.

Once all the layering and reinforcements are in place, the EVA and fins antiskid pad is added.

Another feature of this technology is that it holds superior atmospheric pressures than other boards, allowing to inflate the boards from 15PSi up to 25PSi, with more pressure more rigidity.
Flexible blades inserted on the sides of the board.
Available in all 100mm thick boards
40% improved rigidity
High quaility material
More density of union points per inch.
Work between 15PSi to 25PSi.
Features Double Layering all along the board.
Reinforced edges with two additional layers, achieving a Quad Rail construction.
Pronounced nose elevation.
Minimal board flex.
More rigidity and air volume capacity.

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