KanuLock Tie Down Security Straps

With Kanulock's Tie Down Straps you can get away from your car witohut worrying about getting your Stand Up Paddle gear stolen.
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Kanulock Cinchas de amarre con sistema de seguridad integrado 3.3 m

Secure and tie down your SUP gear with just one accessory.

KanuLock is the easiest tie down system for SUP, WindSurf, Surf and Kayak boards on top of your roof rack. Securing your KanuLock Tie Down straps is as easy as buckling the belt and locking it with a key!

With regular tie down straps, anyone can steal your boards in less than 10 seconds, without needing any tools or attracting attention to themselves, by just cutting the straps. KanuLock's Straps are reinforced with stainless steel and cannot be cut with a knife or razor. This feature brings a great sense of security, as we can leave our gear on top of our car without worrying about it getting stolen. An important aspect of these security straps is that they adapt to any type of roof rack, so it will certainly work with yours.

They are really easy to use. They work in the same way as a regular tie down strap system, but with the added functionality of a keylock for securing them and reinforced belts and straps to avoid getting cut easily. Thieves will need a set of bulky tools to cut them, so you can rest easy that your items will be safe while you leave them unsupervised.

This product comes in two sizes: 4 meters and 5,4 meters, which will let you secure up to two SUP, Windsurf or Kayak boards on top of your car. Especial care is required with SUP boards, as some Touring models feature increased thickness and could limit use to just one board in the case of the 4 meters strap.

So... Why do I need security tie down straps?

With regular tie down straps, anyone can easily cut them while they are set up on top of your car, allowing them to steal your gear unnoticed. This is a real problem, and it can happen to you anytime: parking the car in a beach, while going inside a store, cafe or restaurant and especially in camping areas.

Kanulock's tie down straps with built in security system were designed to provide security and peace of mind to Windsurf, SUP, Surf and Kayak riders when they have to leave their equipment unnatended on top of their car.

Thanks to their reinforced straps with stainless steel, KanuLocks are the easiest and safest solution for transporting your board and leaving it unsupervised.

Recommended scenarios for having a Secure Tie Down Strap

We are sure some of this scenarios will sound familiar and that you surely regretted not having a secure tie down system for your PaddleSurf gear. Here are some practical examples, among the many ocassions where you can use this product. The important thing is that your SUP gear stays safely on top of your car

A Stand Up Paddle tour after work 

Sometimes you just feel like making the most of a day and paddle at whatever time you can. We will stop by the shore once you get out of your job, which means that your paddle will have to remain attached to your car for most of the day. If you cannot stash it inside your car, then Kanulock will become your new best friend, as you can just strap down the board to your roof rack and stop worrying. All you need to be concerned about during the day is at what time do you get out and start paddling.

Meet with SUP friends

You enjoy both paddling, touring or surfing with your Paddlesurf as much as the coffee, beer or snack after you finish. Don't stress out if you parked your car out of view, as you KanuLock straps will keep your gear safe while you enjoy hanging out with friends.

During a SUP Surf Trip

When you get out of town you need to keep both your luggage and board on top of your car. Now, thanks to KanuLock, you can leave them strapped and safe while you enjoy your trip, finding new SUP spots and riding in the ones you already know. Just let the straps do their work of keeping your equipment safe.

Stand Up Paddle competitions

Most of the time we need to travel by car when training or competing. In those cases, riders sometimes require taking more than one board, depending on the style they practice, which raises the chance that at least one of your boards will be left unattended while you ride. The best way to store your gear is KanuLock, with their security tie down straps that are really easy to open and close, while you are focused on your race or training.

How to use the KanuLock security tie down strap?

The best way to explain how to set it up is to watch the following video, in which the company shows the best way to use it and equipment compatibility. 

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