SIC RS 14' SF 2020

The RS by SIC is the total board, it gives the max performance in choppy as well as in flat water. One of the best options if you want to reach the top no matters conditions
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14'x23" SF 2020
14'x24.5" SF 2020
14'x26" SF 2020
14'x28" SF 2020
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SIC RS 14' SF 2020


SIC RS 14' SF 2020SIC RS 14' SF 2020SIC RS 14' SF 2020
The RS has become a huge favorite amongst paddlers of nearly all levels. It's a board that shines for its design and quality, but specially for the high performance no matters water conditions. If you want to compete or just if you want to have a 14' race board to enjoy the max on the choppy or flat water, think seriously about the RS:

The RS has been redesigned for 2020. It has now been fine tuned and made even faster and stronger. The refinements are slight but the improvement to top-end speed is significant. The nose has been pulled in slightly from the wide point giving it even better into-the-wind performance, acceleration and top-end speed. The volume from the rails has been stacked back into the top deck and shaped into a higher center peak to sheer water and pop up more quickly when the nose punches through chop. The nose of the 14’0” was lowered by approximately 1/4”/635 cm and the tail lowered by 1/2”/1.27cm to optimize the waterline. The cockpit has been lowered slightly.

Great board for great SUP sessions!

Features of the SIC RS 14' SF 2020:

  • Super Fly Construction (SF): Full PVC Sandwich with Carbon rapping the EPS core (top, bottom, 360 degree rails)
  • Step-Channel Bottom
  • 3K carbon Weedless fin 8.3”
  • EZ-Grab handle
  • Race handles (2)
  • Bungee tie downs
  • Leash plug
  • Gore-Tex™ breather vent
  • Action camera mount on nosee
You can find 5 measures of the RS. Just choose the one that you prefer and if you don't find it, contact us.
Length Width Weight (+/- 10%) Vol Rider weight
14' / 426.7cm 21.5" / 54.6 cm 11 kgrs 265 L  <86 kg
14' / 426.7cm 23" / 58.4 cm 11 kgrs 279 L <86 kg
14' / 426.7cm 24.5” / 62.2 cm 11.7 kgrs 297 L <100 kg
14' / 426.7cm 26" / 66 cm 12.4 kgrs 315 L <109 kg
14' / 426.7cm 28" / 71.1 cm 12.9 kgrs 339 L <125 kg

You can watch the following video about the RS 2019:

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