Whether you’re taking your first steps onto a kiteboard or setting up for the final maneuver to clinch a title, Airush have designed and engineered kiteboarding equipment to deliver the highest performance across all categories. From butter smooth flat water to 10ft surf, you’ll find the perfect setup to suit your riding style.

Innovation: From the beginning, Airush wanted to create something different; to create a riding experience that surpasses anything you have ever had. To achieve this, Airush have maintained a really strong connection between the best designers, leading athletes, and you. You will notice a unique combination of people when looking into the collective. Some of them started out as athletes who preferred to ride all the time, instead of working. Over time, they reached a point in developing their own equipment where they enjoyed it so much that it became a form of work, and play. Then, there are those of them who came from the academic side of design or engineering and jumped at the opportunity to truly innovate. This led to the concept of “By Innovators For Innovators”, where the alignment between designers working to offer something new, and riders who are seriously pushing their limits comes into play.

This is Airush, equipment for kiteboarding that shines for the high performance.

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