Fanatic: Addicted to paddling!

SUP is the sport of the future and the future of SUP is Fanatic.

They have been revolutionising board design for years and aiming for a topo spot in a sport crawling with newcomers. Fanatic has it all: market positioning, the expertise of a veteran, innovative vision and the drive to make the best PaddleSurf boards on the planet.

Be it for SUP surfing or a spurt for the finish line, you will want to be paddling atop a Fanatic board.

Fanatic SUP boards: they just work!

The winning series of Falcon & Ray boards have been an incredible success and keep on offering the best performance for both experienced and begginer riders alike. Fanatic has invested an incredible amount of time in research and development to ensure that the manufacturing, shape and rocker lines are just perfect!

Whether you're cutting through a clear lake or turning into a bay with choppy water using an easy paddle, Fanatic boards are made for having fun!

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