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North Kiteboarding: just kiteboarding.

The North brand started in 1957 when Olympic gold medallist and trained engineer, Lowell North, sought to change the world of sailing through precision technology. North pioneered advanced computer modelling in the design and manufacture processes with his understanding of sail forces and structural loads.
Just like the founder, North’s designers and makers are fascinated by the interplay of the elements and the eternal principles of physics.

North Kiteboarding is owned and managed by North Actionsports Group, a division of North Technology Group. Our Sales & Operations Team is located in The Netherlands and supported by sales hubs in the US and Australia, to ensure a high level of service for a global market. The Product Development, Marketing and Brand Management are based in New Zealand, an R&D playground of lush green landscapes and deserted beaches, its geographic coordinates leaving it exposed to wind and swell from all directions. There in NZ, nature intertwines effortlessly with the creative process, inspiring the innovative ways of thinking and doing at the core of North’s brand philosophy.

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