Surf Logic

Surf Logic: Safeguarding your personal items while you enjoy the waves!

Safeguarding your personal items while you enjoy the waves! 

This is a company dedicated to offering the best solutions for keeping your personal items safe while you enjoy any watersport of your choice. Developed by people that practice these sports on a regular basis, they were looking for a safe and easy solution to protect your car or home keys or any small personal items that you cannot afford to get wet whilst having the peace of mind that when you get back, you will find them safely attached to your car or to any place of your choosing.

Their main product is a lock that works as a safe of sorts and protects your personal items from any unwanted situations. If you talk about Surf Logic, you are talking about enjoying a PaddleSurf, surfing or a kayaking activity while your personal items are safe and locked away.
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