Double Layer Fanatic

Features of Double Layer technology by FanaticV-Drop Stitch technology
Fanatic's Fly Air boards are made with the best Drop-stitch material available in the market. By using this V-Drop stitch core, Fanatic is able to manufacture the base for their best inflatable boards yet.

V-Drop-Stitch is a durable PVC canvas. This innovative material, used in Fanatic's Fly Air board, consists of thousand of threads linking the top and bottom layers of the SUP board, allowing materials to keep their shape, form and rigidity. This type of manufacturing process manages to maintain its shape even with more air, which equals increased pressure and improved board rigidity and allows an inflatable board to stand toe to toe with a rigid SUP board.

The second ultrathin layer, less than half a milimeter, which adds Double Layer Technology onto inflatable SUP boards by Fanatic around the deck, bottom and rail, enables this particular model to be light and rigid and stay one step ahead of the rest of the boards in its class.

DL (Double Layer) technology is applied to several Stand Up Paddle Surf boards by Fanatic, such as:
  • Fly Air Premium 9'0'', 10'0'', 10'6'', 10'8''
  • Fly Air Premium Touring 11'0'', 12'0''
  • Fly Air Race 12'6''x26.5'', 12'6''x29'', 14'0''x26.5, 14'0''x29''
  • Full Double Layer Tecnnology by one of the most reputed board manufacturers
  • High inflatable pressure, 22 psi, without compromising material integrity
  • Very thin profile, for example, 4'' for boards of 10'
  • Integrated Deck and printed base for improved appearance
  • Fixed lateral fins and tool-less detachable central fin
  • PVC reinforced edges

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