GT Technology by Naish
Stand Up Paddle boards with GT technology are easy to handle and provide amazing versatility due to their many uses. This technology adds a lot of value to Naish's shapes and sizes. They are suitable for begginers, touring and flatwater.

Naish´s GT technology construction begins with a molded EPS core, where the outer cells are closed by the heat during the molding process. This adds extra resistance against leakage.

The EPS core is covered by a fine Fiberglass layer protecting the core and working as the link between it and the wooden Sandwich covering the board's deck and bottom.

In Naish´s GS manufacturing process, a wooden layer covers both the deck and bottom also involving the Rails, in order to get a longitudinal crossbar effect that provides rigidity to Naish´s GT boards.

Naish GS SUP boards are covered by an outer fiberglass layer that seals the wooden layer and maximizes impact resistance.

A double Fiberglass layer at the bottom of Naish´s GT Paddle Surf boards grants them extra rigidity.
  • High-resistance technology due to full fiberglass coating.
  • Weight-reducing EPS core.
  • Light wooden reinforcements at deck and bottom.
  • The whole bottom side coating is made out of double Fiberglass layer.

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