AST Silver

Finish and layering of AST Silver 2013 technologyStarboard's ASTBoard with AST Silver 2013 technologyFinish and layering of AST Silver 2012 technology
AST Silver features a light expanded polystyrene EPS core, covered by fiberglass layers.
The three dimensional 400g fiberglass layers are moistened with an expanded epoxy resin system, worked by pressure, and create volume under the deck. This allows for a thick, durable yet light sandwich layering.
A wooden layer improves rigidity and impact resistance to the deck.
  • Polystyrene 15kg/m3 core.
  • Rubber coating on three-quarters of the pad: 4mm in stance area and 2mm in bow and stern area with a light Startouch cover in the nose.
  • WindSurf mast insert in most compatible boards in order to practice WindSUP.
  • Boards under 10'0" have foot straps to practice WindSurf or WindSUP, in almost all versions.
  • Models 9'8" and under have a integrated EVA kicker on tail.
  • Model 2013: Central fins with Red Starboard Hexcel technology.
  • Model 2013: Lateral Red Starboard Hexcel lateral fins on Pro models.
  • Starboard flex lateral fins on all other models.
  • Model 2012: Central fins with Blue Starboard Hexcel technology.
  • Model 2012: Lateral Blue Starboard Hexcel fins on Pro models.

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