Paddle Surf equipment for beginners

Paddle surf boards for beginners

You look to the sea and suddenly you watch a person stand up on something like a surfboard with a paddle in the hands, yes he or she is doing paddle surf or how we call it "Stand Up Paddle" and you ask yourself "May I do that?" The answer is short and clear: yes. The SUP or paddle surf is an easy sport that people from early years to ancients can practice in different levels and with one common thing: enjoying the sea.

This sport is an outdoor activity with a lot of variants, because we can practice a lot of modalities that we can resume in the following four:
  • Paddle surf tours or touring is when you paddling through the coast line for a long distance on a paddle surf board, with only one goal: enjoy the tour, discovering places where it is difficult to access from the land and now you can visit with your paddle board, or just visit a beach from the sea to change the sightview.

  • Catch waves and surf with your paddle, it is the real paddle surf and it is like the traditional surfing but now you are always stand up on the board and you must paddle faster to ride the wave when it is coming. One of the better things of SUP surfing is that you can catch more waves than before because the board is bigger than a regular surfboard and you can get the speed to take the wave with the paddle. The feeling will be amazing.

  • SUP Fitness, the paddle surf is a complete sport but for fitness lovers it is a nice option because you can do your fitness routine on the board. Paddle boards are bigger than surfboards and they are very estable, so it is a good platform to make your exercises on it. Live the dawn on the board while you practice pilates or have a yoga session at the sunset to feel the connection with the environment and be relaxed. Oohhhm!!

  • WindSUP, to practice windsurfing and use your SUP board on windy days, some of the boards come with mastfoot insert and there is also a system to set a rig on any paddle board althugh it hasn't mastfoot insert. Now you can enjoy every beach day with or without wind an only one board.

Also there are more modes of paddle surf or SUP: SUP Race, SUP Fishing, SUP Polo, o SUP Team on XL boards for 4 to 8 persons together. No matter the one that you choose, just enjoy the experience and live a funny time on a paddle board.


What do I need to practice SUP?

For paddle surfing you just only need a board and a paddle, but there are more accessories that they are recommended. Here you have some examples of the main accessories to improve your Stand Up Paddle experience from the begining.
Choose the material to start adequately in paddle surfing

Inflatable Paddle Surf boards for beginners.

Inflatable boards are the most practical option to start paddling, thanks to its ease of transport and storage. In HoeNau you will find models of the best brands so that you have all the comfort of the inflatable without sacrificing quality. You can buy them in a complete pack with all the material you need to go into the water.

Composite SUP boards to start paddling.

We have Stand Up Paddle boards with a great diversity of sizes and shapes. They are the basic points for giving us the necessary buoyancy and displacement. An important value besides the measures will be the volume expressed in liters. We show you some rigid models to get started in paddle surfing

Paddles for SUPing

It could be fixed (cut to size), adjustable two or three pieces, but the paddle is a fundamental element in this sport. It provides the engine to move, a support to improve our balance and a point to rotate or brake. We have them in different materials from pure carbon to aluminum.

SUP Accessories

If you already have a board and paddle, you will need some paddlesurf accessories to complete your initiation equipment. In addition to the leash, the main safety element, there are other supplements that will make your sessions more comfortable in the water. Here, you have some ideas.

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