Fanatic Sky Wing

The Fanatic Sky Wing is the first specific board for Wing Foiling with the design improved to get the best performance with the foil fin and the wing
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VEC - Vacuum Epoxy Construction
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Fanatic Sky Wing 2022


Fanatic Sky Wing 2022Fanatic Sky Wing 2022Fanatic Sky Wing 2022Fanatic Sky Wing 2022
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The Sky Wing is the ideal board for anyone who wants to do Wing Foil. This board has been designed to get the better performance when you use a wing and the foil. It is lightweight and has a small size for the best maneuverability but at the same time is stable thanks to its volume. It comes with the footstraps so it is easy to manage and control the board, moreover you can start to try the tricks without lost the board.

The new range of Sky Wing models grows to nine dedicated shapes and takes efficiency to another level. Ride the smallest board possible in the lightest of winds! If you thought the previous Sky Wing range was leading the way in Wing Foiling, try one of these hot new shapes and you’ll be impressed how much of a change a board can make.

The range is split in three different directions:

- Two smallest shapes of 4’6” and 4’7” being dedicated Prone/Wing advanced combo boards, with low volume, more radical bottom contours and all features needed to push the limits.
- The Wing Allround range from 4’8” to 5’8” has its focus on the earliest take-off possible with minimal board size. Fanatic shaper, Sky Solbach, combined the early planing rocker line of our previous 5’4” with a sharp release box rail and slight bevels in the nose section. The extra glide allowed to pull in tail and nose outline slightly to reduce catching in turns and on the wave. The clean approach with plenty of volume under your feet allows for an uninterrupted touch-down, which helps learners and hardcore freestylers alike – you just never get stuck!
- The 6’3” is dedicated for everyone getting into Wing Foiling. The extra length and heaps of volume turns you into an addicted winger in no time! The 6’3” is also available in a Soft Top edition with a comfortable, durable and grippy full EVA deck and rail cover.

If you are a beginner with the Wing Foil, the Sky Wing is the board to grow up and go to the next level. The footstraps will help you a lot in the begining and make the flying easy.

We always recommend the use of helmet and impact vest, specially if you are a beginner.

Boards come with 2 fin box US Track and 3 x Fanatic Premium Straps

Features of the Fanatic Sky Wing:

  • Optimized rocker with higher glide and earlier take off
  • Sharp rail edges in tail for better release
  • Pulled in tail outline allows tighter turning radius
  • Additional foot-strap inserts for the double front strap
  • Single diagonal and straight strap option
  • Double screw inserts for back strap
  • Reduced overall weight
  • Center line bumper on 5ft6 and bigger models
4’6" / 137 cm 20” / 52 cm 35 L - -
4’7" / 140 cm 22” / 56 cm 45 L - -
4'8" / 142 cm 22” / 56 cm 60 L - < 75 kg
5'0" / 152 cm 24" / 61 cm 75 L - < 85 kg
5'2" / 157 cm 25" / 63.5 cm 85 L - < 90 kg
5'4" / 163 cm 26" / 66 cm 95 LL - < 95 kg
5’6" / 168 cm 27” / 68.5 cm 105 L - < 95 kg
5'8" / 173 cm 27" / 68.5 cm 125 L - < 100 kg
6’3" / 190 cm 30” / 76 cm 140 L - < 110 kg

In the following video you can watch the Fanatic Sky Wing in action:

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Fanatic Sky Wing 2022
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