ION Core Hip belt leash

It is a belt to use with your regular leash, changing the position where you tie it for Stand Up Paddle race, to do the buoy turn easier without tread the leash, and take it off from an upper position when you are arriving to the final line in a beach race.

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ION Core Hip belt for leash


Engancha el leash al cinturón y olvídate de situaciones incómodas
The ION Core Hip belt leash is an accessory for any user who paddling regular. It  has been thought especially for race time but anyone who do SUP can use it to have the leash in a comfortable position.

We try it in technical race and we love it because you don't tread it when you go to the tail of the board to turn the buoy. Many times riders lose the concentration when go to the tail and there are a lot of competitors around and the leash roll in the foot, so it is an accesory that makes your SUPing easyer.

For beach races it is a good complement because you can take it off easy when you are arriving to the final line. Downwinds are more comfortable with this belt too.

It works like a belt where you connect your regular leash and change the position to an upper location. It is not recommended for surfing becasue it doesn't work well when there are a lot of waves and currents. 
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