Red Paddle Co Activ 10'8"x34"

This model of Red Paddle Co is based on the shape of the 10'8" Ride with an optimized design for yoga and fitness.

With a complete pad and without central handle you will have the perfect platform to make your favorite positions and relax on the board.
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MSL Technology by Red Paddle Co
3 Pcs Paddle + Leash
3 Pcs Paddle + Leash
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Pack Red Paddle Co Activ includes paddle and leash


The board made to practice yogaFitness exercises and more with the Red Paddle Co ActivCan be used to do relaxed SUPIt has a system to carry the paddle on the side
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This board not only can be used for yoga and fitness, it is also made to paddle with it, so you can go for a ride and enjoy with family and friends.

Its main feature is a large surface that covers the whole board, since the pad is made in one piece to have a wide platform where to perform your exercises comfortably.

This particularity, with the absence of the central handle, makes no object bother you when you are on your board.

Unlike the 10'8" Ride, its thickness is 150 mm, which gives it more volume and rigidity, which is perfect for exercising on it, making it also a good option as a family board and for riders of certain weight.

The youthful and colorful design makes it a board especially appropriate and valued by the girls.

Features of the PaddleSurf Red Paddle Co Activ 10'8"x34":

Length: 10'8" (approx 329 cm)
Width: 34" (approx 86.36 cm)
Thickness: 5.90" (approx 150 mm)
Volume: 279 Liters
Fins: With three flexible fins in normal version
Weight of the rider: 120 kgs or more
Rings for transport on the deck
High Quality Pad

What does the paddlesurf Red Paddle Co Activ 10'8"x34" pack include?

  • An inflatable board of Stand Up Paddle Red Paddle Co ACTIV 10'8"x34"
  • The best backpack of the market, ergonomic and exceptional details, like wheels to carry it walking and with a system of frontal opening very practical
  • A repair kit.
  • The new air pump Red Paddle Co Titan pump, with combined double cylinder system.
  • The board is equipped with three fins glued.
  • Waterproof bag to carry the mobile phone, keys, etc.
  • Paddle Red Paddle Co Alu adjustable 3 pieces or similar if not in stock
  • 10' leash.
  • RSS Batens. The RSS Batens system consists of semi-rigid sabers that we can put if we want when there´s more swell. They are inserted in the sides.
  • The board incorporates the hosting for these RSS Batens. If you put them you increase in a 40% the rigidity of the Board.
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Easy to pump up with the Red Paddle Co TitanRed Paddle Co backpackThe Titan air pump
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