Solarez Epoxy Repair Kit

A fast and easy solution for making small and simple repairs to your board.
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Kit reparación Solarez Epoxy
Kit reparación Solarez Epoxy
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Solarez Epoxy Repair Kit for SUP boards
Boards suffer from wear, tear and scratches, especially when they are dragged through rough or irregular terrain, such as sand, dirt or pavement. Also, they often suffer accidental impacts which can leave marks or cracks that seriously hinder the integrity of the materials on the board.

For light repairs, this epoxy repair kit will let you stay on your board until you decide to permanently fix it.

SOLAREZ Epoxy is an epoxy resin mixture of extreme resistance with an UV rays catalyst. Ready-to-use presentation, gelling starts 5 seconds after applying and will harden in 3 minutes once it is exposed to sunlight.
  • Hardens when exposed to UV rays
  • Creates a waterproof surface
  • Extremely hard and resistant
  • Doesn't turn yellow
  • Eco-friendly, ZERO emissions and non-flammable
  • Comes with a 60/240 sandpaper pad
In this video by Solarez, you can see the product in action
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