Starboard Enduro Tufskin Kids Adjustable Paddle


The Starboard Enduro Tufskin Kids Adjustable is the basic paddle desinged for boys and girsl, for heights till 118 y 165 cm.

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Starboard SUP Enduro Tufskin Kids Ajustable Carbon S40
Starboard SUP Enduro Tufskin Kids Ajustable Carbon S40
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The Starboard Tufskin paddles are designed to be used by beginners, schools or rents, thanks to its resistance, without being a heavy paddle since it assembles the hybrid pole.

They have blade and a handle of high quality, with resistance to shock and wear thanks to the materials that compose it. In the case of children, its height can be regulated between 118 and 165 cm, so it can serve for several seasons to small riders, as their growth will not be a handicap with the Starboard Tufskin Kids Adjustable.

They are strong, of high durability and high resistance to the thermal contrasts, reason why they are ideal to withstand the rhythm of the youngest

Features of the Starboard Enduro Tufskin Kids:

  • Blade length: 16.7" (42.5 cm)
  • Blade width: 7.2" (18.2 cm)
  • Surface: 66.7 in2 (430 cm2)
  • Length: 67.9" (172.5 cm)

WHy do we like the Starboard Enduro Tufskin Kids paddle?

  • They are very resistant and durable.
  • Ideal for beginners because of its good performance and lightness.
  • Adjusted Price.
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