Starboard Side Fins

Customize your board for touring and surfing with these fins by Starboard. Available in Hexcel, Injection Molded and Bio Resin Balsa Core technology and in sizes 4.5" y 4.7"
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Bio Resin 4.5
Bio Resin 4.5" - 2018
Bio Resin 4.7
Bio Resin 4.7" - 2018
Net Positive 4.7
Net Positive 4.7" 2018
Net Positive 4.5
Net Positive 4.5" - 2018
Hexcel M4.5
Hexcel M4.5" Verde
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Starboard Balsa Core Bio Resin 4.7" side fins


Starboard Net Positive 4.7" side finsStarboard Hexcel FCS Side Fins M4.7" Green
Choose the set of Starboard fins that better adapts to your paddle board.

You can choose from Starboard Hexcel Fins made of composite material, the Starboard Injection molded Fins in thermoformed plastic or the new Starboard Balsa Core Bio Resin Fins ultra light and high performance.

Features of Starboard FCS Side Fins:

  • FCS Locking system
  • Molded in polyester or injected plastic.
  • Does NOT include locking key.
  • Includes EVA sleeve for storing (Hexcel only)
  • Comes in a two fin set.

What do we like about Starboard Side Fins?

  • They are the perfect addition to your SUP board, with different fins you get a difference in performance.
  • Preserves Starboard's aesthetics and image, though they can be installed in any SUP with an FCS fin system.
  • With a fresh and modern design that will appeal to most riders.
  • Light and very durable.
  • An essential spare part to have, you never know when you might lose or break a fin​
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