Starboard SUP Waterline 14'x28" Lite Tech 2020

The Starboard Waterline 14'x28" Lite Tech is like a touring board but redesigned to paddle top speed as well as top comfort on a cheap 14' board
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Starboard Waterline 14'x28" Lite Tech 2020


Starboard Waterline 14'x28" Lite Tech 2020Starboard Waterline 14'x28" Lite Tech 2020Starboard Waterline 14'x28" Lite Tech 2020

This paddle board is designed as a specialised flat-water Touring paddle board, the Waterline promises the smoothest and most relaxing paddling sensation in conditions up to chin high chop. A shape focused on achieving maximum speed and stability with no splash or sound.

At 75% speed this hull is faster than Starboard race boards, so in essence for most riders it’s the quickest ride ever. The nose allows to slice through water without leaving a trace behind. Even when paddling at power, the nose displaces the water without disturbance or splash, creating a feeling of pure efficiency and speed. The narrow nose also helps the board track in a straight line. The narrowed nose gradually widens into a more parallel mid-section to maximise stability where you stand.

Look this wide tail. From the mid-section, the tail is kept wide to maintain stability when stepping back to turn and holds enough buoyancy to carry gears. And the Waterline profile providing enough volume to glide smoothly without water splashing or wrapping over the deck.

These are only a few of the best features of this board, look the video attached and enjoy the new Waterline board by Starboard.

Features of the Starboard Waterline 14'x28" Lite Tech 2020:

  • Length: 14' (426.2 cm)
  • Width: 28" (71.1 cm)
  • Thickness: 7.4" (18.7 cm)
  • Tail width: 23.4" (59.4 cm)
  • Volume: 259 L
  • Rider weight: < 110 kg
  • Fin: Central Dol-fin
  • Weight: 13.83 kg
  • Recessed standing area: Lowers the paddlers centre of gravity for increased stability and control.
  • Recessed storage compartment: Positioned just in front of the feet making it easy and fast to access any gears.
  • Bungee tie in nose and tail
  • FCS Insert
In the following video you can watch the Starboard Waterline in Carbon Top version, that is the same as the Lite Tech but lighter:
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