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SUP wear sales

Here you have some clothes for your SUP practice. Perhaps you are thinking to change or acquire a long john wetsuit for the spring time, or you want a rashvest to protect your body from the sun, or maybe you prefer a technical t-shirt to wear it at the beach feeling fresh and comfortable while you are paddling. Look these products and find your opportunity.

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Composite SUP boards sales

Find in the following options, the composite board that better suits you. There are some interesting boards from the last season that you can buy now with an stricking discount. Take a new Starboard, Naish, Fanatic or NSP board and give yourself a whim.

SUP complements sales

We have included here a variety of complements that are useful when you practice SUP or another watersport like surf, kite, wind or wake. You can find some interesting products or visit the "Accessories" section where you will find a lot of complements with the best price of the market.

Skate sales

Finally, like a complement for a dry training to improve your SUP skills, we have some skate products and there are some of these that have a discount in the regular price, so you would can find something interesting for you or a friend.