SUP Foil

In this section you can find all the specific SUP foil products that are available on the website, and other complements that we think they are really useful for foiling. We offer a selection of foil systems and boards designed for foiling. There are a lot of videos on the internet that you can watch top riders as Kai Lenny or Zane Schweitzer practicing foil very easy and doing demonstrations of how to use a SUP foil. Also anonymous riders are introducing to foiling all over the world and are discovering and enjoying the new sensation of the SUP foil. With the options that you will find here, you can enter to this new variety of Stand Up Paddle and emulate these riders. Start to lift-off from the water and enjoy the new experience of SUP foil with the best equipment from Starboard, Naish, Fanatic or Go Foil.

SUP Foil packs

Here you can see all the SUP foil packs that we offer as the best option to start foiling. Buying a pack, you are sure that your board and your foil fin assembled perfectly. It's the best option to jump to this variety of SUP. Start with the small waves on the sea and advance to downwind conditions where you can bring out all the performance of the board and practice Stand Up Paddle with a unknown speed until now.

SUP Foil boards and wings

If you want to start with the foil, you must have a paddle board ready to set the foil fin with a specific design to introduce the mast inside the box. These boards have been designed for fling over the sea and feel the foiling sensation. Also we show the new wings for foiling, the Wing Surfer by Naish and the Foil Wing by Duotone.

Hydrofoil fins for SUP boards

These are the hydrofoil fins for paddle boards that you can find available on HoeNalu. Maybe you only want to acquire the foil fin to set with your Stand Up Paddle board. In this case, we remember you that you need a special system to join the foil fin to the board and we strongly recommend that you contact a shaper if you don't have the properly fixation system to make one with a special box for the foil. You can do it by yourself, it is highly difficult but nothing is impossible.

SUP Foil paddles

Here we have selected some paddles for SUP foil according to three main features: weight, strength and length. We think that the best option for SUP foil is a paddle that you can adjust the length because you will have a fast progression and you will need different lengths of shaft. Strength is one of the other main features because the foil requires a hard action when you sprint to go up with the board. Last, the weight is the main characteristic when you choose a paddle to practice any variety of SUP, less weight less tired.

SUP Foil accessories

A wide range of accessories to practice SUP Foil that you can find available on our web. Transport, life vests and other complements for your SUP sessions. If you are looking for something that you don't see on the web site, please contact us and we will help you.