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Submitted on 16-04-2019
Gama de remos QuickBlade

In this new post we are going to tell you about the famous Quickblade paddles, designed by the Olympic champion Jim Terrell and used by a lot of pro paddlers around the world.

This brand is different to any one in the market to nowadays because its dedication has been exclusive to the making of paddles since 1989. Quickblade (working together with the pro riders of the brand) has done an intensive work of investigation and development, looking for the best materials combined in different and efficient designs. The result is a complety paddle range featured for a premium performance with the best ratio weight-strength, obtaining extra lightweight and durable paddles. 

In the paddle range we can find different models with a variety of sizes and material. We are going to explain you the diferences between the paddles in this post, with a resume of the models and their main features, so we think it will be useful for choosing the right Quickblade paddle according to your conditions.  

QuickBlade paddles range

QuickBlade paddles are extra lightweight due to the materials that have been used to built them, with the best quality and in a manufacturing process that have been optimized to a high level.
  • Blades are designed to get the best performance in terms of efficiency of the stroke in all the phases according to the paddling style.
  • The light curve at the end of the blade makes that the "catch" and the "release" of hte paddle are so efficient and clean.
  • The dihedral angle of the blade makes that it does not turn along the way from the stroke when the blade is into the water, avoiding turbulences.
  • To make these paddles, Quickblade uses different constructions (All Carbon, Hybrid, Vector Net), although the three main paddles that we are going to introduce to you now, are made with the all carbon construction becasue they are the top of the range, with the best ratio quality-weight-performance.
  • Each blade size has an individual shaft stiffness in coordination, the stiffness is calibrated in order to the SSI flex indexOn this way, the paddles get the best relation between the blade and the shaft for the paddler.
Then, we are going to introduce you the three main paddles of the American brand. The QuickBlade Trifecta & V-Drive that have been in the market for the last years winning a lot of races, and the new UV-88:

UV-88: The new paddle for competitions

El UV-88 es el nuevo remo QuickBladeThe Quickblade U-V 88 All Carbon is the last design made by Jim Terrell, foundder and owner of Quickblade in collaboration with the famous waterman Dave Kalama, according to new demands on Stand Up Paddle world and the exigences of the Pro riders.

After a lot of years making the best paddles for SUP, the UV-88 is the culmination of years of work and research. The aim was simple; to produce the ultimate V-Drive, because the first idea making this paddle was a restayling of the popular V-Drive. Terrell and Kalama worked hours upon hours of water time and all their experience to create what many have been asking for an 88” version of Quickblade best selling paddle.

Quickblade could have simply just made an 88 inch version of the V-Drive, however when dealing with an icon such as this and with the advent of foiling, Quickblade were always going to have to push themselves to new heights. The result is that the UV-88 does much more than just fill a gap in the V-Drive size range of 71, 81, 91 and 101 inches. The scooped contour of the U-V 88 delivers the famed rock solid catch that the Quickblade V-Drive is famous for but it enables a faster release. This enables you to make your next catch sooner. The 88” inch blade area of the U-V 88 is also the best looking paddle we have ever made, Jim said.

The shaft of the UV-88 is completely new too. The paddle comes with the new Black Diamond Elite shaft, with an oval outside diameter of 28 mm at the bottom end, tapering to 21.6 mm outside diameter at the top end. Additional reinforcement has been added to the centre section of the shaft to strengthen it further still and meet the demands of foiling. This also benefits those who are not yet or have no plans to foil as the shaft is stiffer and hard wearing.

V-DRIVE: High performance multipurpose paddle

The QuickBlade V-Drive was designed for Dave Kalama 100% with the advice of Jim Terrell. Its design call your attention first for the surface of the blade where we can see a big V that put the name to this awesome paddle: V-Drive. It uses a double dihedral on the back of the blade, producing a stronger catch with no flutter or cavitation. This double dihedral design forms the V on the back of the paddle blade reducing cavitation and flutter, creating a hugely reassuring planted feel in the catch phase of your paddle stroke allowing you to exert full power. 

The QuickBlade V-Drive Carbon is quite simply a legendary paddle, perfect for catching waves, racing or simply touring. Compared to the Trifecta, the V-Drive is for you if you have a powerful catch on the stroke, it means that you put a lot of effort at the beggining of the stroke when the paddle is going in the water and the transition is less powerful. Then the V-Drive is your paddle becasue you will take advantage of your paddling style, improving the cadence and getting benefits of your effort.

How to choose the QuickBlade V-Drive paddle that better suits your needs?

In the following table you can see the main features of the V-Drive range with the three sizes available. We recommend the 81" as the most popular size, the 91" if you are a big person, and the 101" just for exceptional cases when you have a very strong paddling, it is used only for Pro paddlers in technical races. Have a look to the table and choose the one you like most according to you personal features.
Model Blade area Blade length Blade width Flex index Weight Max Paddle length Max Rider weight
V-Drive 81 81sq/in 
522.58 cm2
16" 6.5" ISS 39 383 grs 224 cm
70 kg
V-Drive 91 91sq/in 
587.10 cm2
17" 7.5" ISS 39 396 grs 225 cm
85 kg
V-Drive 101 101sq/in 
651.61 cm2
18" 8.5" ISS 39 409 grs 226 cm 100 kg
QuickBlade V-Dryve y Trifecta

TRIFECTA: For powerful paddling

The QuickBlade Trifecta paddle was designed for Travis Grant, 3x Molokai winner. 

Compared to te V-Drive, the Trifecta has a smaller blade width at the tip of the blade, but maintains its width in almost the entire perimeter. With this paddle the catch is softer but the power phase of the paddling is very effective since the face of the blade has a more regular surface so that it forces in the water in an integrated and distributed manner. It has a double concave design that ends in a very pronounced central diherdral, which offers a lot of stability to the paddling. The Trifecta we recommend for people who have a powerful paddling in which they can generate a lot of speed in the transition of the blade from the nose to the stance, and do not need so much cadence to go fast as they have a powerful paddle, although if the power they add cadence, is synonymous to go very fast on the Stand Up Paddle board.

Trifecta is very comfortable. When we paddle with it, we have the feeling that the blade is smaller than the one that we are using. In fact, the most popular size of the Trifecta is the 86", the medium one between the 76 and the 96. 

For both paddles the shaft starts with a smaller diameter and end near the blade the diameter is bigger. This characteristic improves the weight and the shaft area that flexes.

How to choose the QuickBlade Trifecta paddle that better suits your needs?

In the following table you will find the main features of the Trifecta paddles in the three available sizes. Choose the one that you like most according to your personal features. The most popular size is the 86 as the most versatile paddle, but depending if you are a big or small person, you can choose another one.
Model Blade area Blade length Blade width Flex index Weight Max Paddle length Max Rider weight
Trifecta 76 76sq/in 
490.32 cm2
16.3" 5.8" ISS 39 395 grs 223 cm 70 kg
Trifecta 86 86sq/in 
554.84 cm2
16.9" 6.5" ISS 39 410 grs 224 cm
75 kg
Trifecta 96 96sg/in 
619.35 cm2
17.5" 7.3" ISS 39 425 grs 225 cm
95 kg

Hybrid & Vector Net

V-Drive y Trifecta, los deos remos estrella de QuickBladeBoth the V-Drive and the Trifecta, are made in two additional construction besides the All Carbon. This construction is focused on people looking for the best weapon, the paddle with the most efficiency as well as the lightest weight, the best ratio between paddling eficience, performance and weight, they are the top premium paddles. These paddles are perfect for pro riders or fussy people who want to get the best to paddle hard and want to reduce the risk of a injury in shoulders or arms as well as reduce the tiredness.

On the other hand, the premium construction makes the price grows, so Quickblade has two options for people who don't need a premium paddle but wants a top paddle. These paddles don't require a physical training because they are friendly in terms of flexibility as well as economically. So we have two options:
  • Hybrid: It is available for Trifecta & V-Drive models, they are paddles that come with a foam shaft and a hybrid blade of glass and carbon fiber. They are completely black with a bright blade. They are balanced paddles for entry or medium level paddlers.
  • Vector Net: Trifecta and V-Drive are made in the Vector Net finish too. These paddles are easily recognized for the coloured blade, where they join two colors giving amazing styles. They are paddles with a perfect balance between stiffness and flex thanks to the hybrid construction that they are made with a blend between glass and caron fiber. They are made by strategically laminating the colored core with a mixture of carbon, glass and aramid fibers to find the perfect balance of rigidity. Finally, the vector net layer is added, which is slightly stiffer and lighter than the fiberglass layer, but not as rigid and light as the carbon layer.

KANAHA: The paddle for surfing

Dave Kalama, rider de Quickblade

We don't want to forget the Kanaha, a paddle that set an era in Stand Up Paddle. They are globaled recognized for the efficiency, durability and versatility. In the beginning the paddle was designed for people more than 70 kg, and they became the most popular paddles of the Quickblade range for the polyvalence because they were used for the most of the paddlers in both situations, for surfing and for cruising as well as for racing by Pro paddlers thnaks to the big and potencial blade that made the SUPers go fastest. Now the tendency has changed and many paddlers that used the Kanaha, now are paddling with the V-Drive that improved the performance of the old paddle, specially when you want to paddle a long distance.

FLYWEIGHT: Paddles for riders up to 70 kg

The Flyweight is a range of QuickBlade paddles designed for lightweitght people who are looking a cheaper option. They are the perfect option for people up to 70 kg because they have a soft flex index, so they are medium stiffness and combined with a not very long shaft they optimize the stroke to the maximun level for these type of paddlers. The flex index is variable depending on the size of the paddle so the stroke is more efficient. The blade is 83" so they are good for kids and women. 

Disfruta remando con QuickBlade

Quickblade paddles are available on our web shop, so you can select th best option according to your heigth, weight and SUP level. 

You can try the Quickblade paddles in our shop in Marbella where you can see and try these paddles and others as well as paddle boards, so if you are thinking to travel to the Costa del Sol, we will be glad to meet you at the shop.


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