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Review NSP Race 2019

Review NSP Race 2019

In HoeNalu we already have the first units of the NSP 2019 SUP Race boards including the new NSP Carolina, which joins the other models: Ninja, Sonic and Puma, resulting in a very complete range.

With an awesome performance and improvements compared to 2018, the NSP boards are positioned among the best race boards in the market, and this week we bring you this post in which we analyze each model, changes and improvements and the measures in which they are offered. Meet the new NSP 2019 race range.
Review Starboard Pro 2019
Gama Starboard Pro 2019

At HoeNalu we have already received some models of the new Starboard Pro 2019 range and we can assure you that they will not leave you indifferent.

This year we find very notable changes in the most surfing range of Starboard. Different sizes and a quite important renewal of the shape that affects most of the design, from the nose trimmed to the channels in the tail, through the reduced edges and by a flatter stance.

The Tiki brand, and its team of riders, therefore make a lot of improvements in the SUP Starboard Pro 2019 boards, in order to achieve even better performance in all types of waves. In this post we will give you a review of all the novelties offered by the range, and that we have been pleasantly surprised.
Review Fanatic Strike 2019
Arthur Arutkin con la nueva Strike 2019

The Stand Up Paddle racing environment, especially in the last two years, has evolved a lot. Athletes are increasingly better prepared, they do specific training to improve the technique of paddling and go faster than ever, demanding boards that respond to their demands in the water. No stranger to these questions, the Fanatic development team was working in collaboration with its top rider, the French Arthur Arutkin, until obtaining a new range of race boards that suits to the needs of all those SUPers who want a board that gives them the maximum performance in competition

In this way, the Austrian brand has created the new Blitz model, and has completely redesigned the Falcon and the Strike models. The first is designed as an easy board that adapts to any water condition, the Falcon is the board for downwinds and hard conditions, and finally the Strike is the option for flat water. The latter is the one we analyzed in this week's post, because the 2019 model has been a complete metamorphosis of this board if we compare it with its predecessor, and implies an evolution in the concept of flatwater boards, which can be used in any condition, increasing the speed considerably, thanks to its renewed design. 

Discover the new Fanatic Strike 2019 in its two sizes: 14'x21.5" and 14'x25" a very important option if you are thinking about changing your competition board or want to start in the SUP racing environment.
Black Project SUP fins
Connor Baxter utiliza quillas Black Project

If you are paddling since a few years maybe you hear about Black Project fins but if you are a new SUPer or you haven't hear about this brand, stay tunned to this post because you are going to discover the best fins for your paddle board to compete in the next level. If the board and the paddle are important, think about the performance of the fin, a very important part of the action.
Review Naish Nalu 10'6'' GTW 2018
Naish Nalu 10'6'' GTW

For this week, from HoeNalu, we want to make a review of the new Naish Nalu 2018. This paddle board by Naish has several seasons in the Hawaiian brand catalog and is one of the mains of the Robby Naish's factory, which year after year incorporates improvements in the design and construction of this model, with a production of awesome boards, because without doubts, one of the main characteristics of the boards of this brand is their look, that joined to the quality and performance of the products, cause that Naish fans remain faithful to the brand although the years and the hard competence.