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How to choose your Quickblade paddle
Gama de remos QuickBlade

In this new post we are going to tell you about the famous Quickblade paddles, designed by the Olympic champion Jim Terrell and used by a lot of pro paddlers around the world.

This brand is different to any one in the market to nowadays because its dedication has been exclusive to the making of paddles since 1989. Quickblade (working together with the pro riders of the brand) has done an intensive work of investigation and development, looking for the best materials combined in different and efficient designs. The result is a complety paddle range featured for a premium performance with the best ratio weight-strength, obtaining extra lightweight and durable paddles. 
Review Red Paddle Co 9'6'' Compact

Review Red Paddle Compact

Last autumn Red Paddle Co told about an important announcement in its range. All the people around the world of SUP was on attention to this newness, because Red Paddle Co maybe is the brand who makes the best inflatable boards in the world and we were excited to know more about this announcement. The brand put a lot of money and effort season by season in its I+D (investigation & development) department for improving and innovate in SUP inflatable technology to make the best products.

Finally, the Red Paddle Co staff revealed the secret and they presented the new and revolutionary Red Paddle Co Compact 9’6”. We must confess that our first thought about the board was -ok, a new board, what’s the special thing?!- And now, that we know it better, we can say that the whole board is really special, because it is the first inflatable board that you can bend occupying the half of the space of the regular inflatable boards.
Discover Surfskate and surf the streets
Descubre el Surfskate en HoeNalu

What's Surfskate?

 Since a couple of years more than less, we are watching in the streets new skateboards that slide different as the classic ones. Also, they are wider, with an almost plain tail and no elevation in the nose, these boards are called surfskates. In the last half year, the number of this type of boards has grown strongly because they are really funny. The reason is clear, surfskates are boards ready for real surfing the streets

Surfskate is a variant of classical skateboarding. It shares the essence to go on a board with wheels, but they are very different in the way how they react with the asphalt and the behavior. If a classical skater rides on a surfskates, he or she will say to us that the boards don't seem like one to the other. Visually they share similar features in a first view but riding both, we will find a big difference. The classical skateboard has the main point on the tail, where the skater kicks to make the tricks, so the rear foot is who has the main performance. With the surfskate, the front foot becomes the main one becasue the front truck is where the action and power is made to move the board.

Surflogic accessories, comfort and safety in the water
Candado SurfLogic
This week, we want to tell you about Surflogic, it is a brand that makes all type of accessories for water sport lovers. It was born in 2005 with the Surflogic keylock, the most famous product of its catallog and the piece that made a space for this brand in the surf world. 

Since that moment, this familiar brand, place in the Basque Country coast, has been grown and they have extended the catallog to more accessories that make surfer life simple, and not only for surfers. Kitesurf, paddlesurf, windsurf and all water sports lovers have a product for them in the Surflogic range.

Just not only keylocks, Surflogic has straps, seat covers, waterproof bags, hangers, etc and the new product, the Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer, the best option to get your wetsuit dry in a few minutes. Stay tunned and discover all the range of accessories for SUP, surf, kite and more that Surflogic has designed to do your water life simple.
Review NSP Race 2019

Review NSP Race 2019

In HoeNalu we already have the first units of the NSP 2019 SUP Race boards including the new NSP Carolina, which joins the other models: Ninja, Sonic and Puma, resulting in a very complete range.

With an awesome performance and improvements compared to 2018, the NSP boards are positioned among the best race boards in the market, and this week we bring you this post in which we analyze each model, changes and improvements and the measures in which they are offered. Meet the new NSP 2019 race range.
Review Starboard Pro 2019
Gama Starboard Pro 2019

At HoeNalu we have already received some models of the new Starboard Pro 2019 range and we can assure you that they will not leave you indifferent.

This year we find very notable changes in the most surfing range of Starboard. Different sizes and a quite important renewal of the shape that affects most of the design, from the nose trimmed to the channels in the tail, through the reduced edges and by a flatter stance.

The Tiki brand, and its team of riders, therefore make a lot of improvements in the SUP Starboard Pro 2019 boards, in order to achieve even better performance in all types of waves. In this post we will give you a review of all the novelties offered by the range, and that we have been pleasantly surprised.