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Black Project

Black Project, world top riders' fins.

Black Project was formed in 2010 on Maui (Hawaii), where the Stand Up Paddle was borned a few years ago. Since the beginnings, this hawaiian brand has have an obsession, made high quality products for competition, because only one second can separate you to the victory.

The founders of Black Project have been always in contact to the SUP world top riders to develop the products of the brand, in fact, nowadays some of the riders of the Black Project team are: Connor Baxter, Sonni Honscheid, Leonard Nika, Fyona Wilde, Zane Schweitzer or Bernd Roediger who have contributed with their experience to design the best fins for competition that Black Project makes and distributes all over the world, to help the riders from everywhere to get the goal.

One of the Black Project founders, Chris Freeman, moved from UK to Hawaii when he was 18, following his passion for water sports like windsurf, and this fact allowed him to get a lot of experience in windsurf as well as paddle surf, so he took the determination to dedicate to make, maybe, the most important complement to adapt the board to the sea conditions and improve how the board glide on the water.

If you haven't tried to sail with a different fin set in your board, maybe it's the moment to change or replace it and check how ypur board changes with a different fin in terms of sailing and gliding. You can improve the performance of the board depending on the water conditions as well as the race features, so you could get a better result in your next competition.

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