Black Project Surge

Lightweight, powerful & responsive SUP paddle for surfers.
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XS 69.1 RDS
S 75.2 RDS
S 75.2 RDS
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M 80.4 SDS
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L 84.5 SDS
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Black Project Surge blade


Black Project SurgeBlack Project Surge completeBlack Project Surge bladeBlack Project Surge handle
The lightweight, powerful & responsive SUP paddle for surfers.

Lightweight and strong, the Surge was designed to meet SUP surfers’ specific needs and has become the paddle of choice for many APP World Tour athletes including; Mo Freitas, Leco Salazar, Lara Claydon, Vania Torres Olivieri and more. 

Scooped dihedral blade shaping holds water in the power phase, delivering that quick acceleration needed to scratch into a set wave or escape the impact zone. To improve stability, the extended tapered scoop ensures you’ll get the most out of each stroke, even if you don’t get the full blade in the water.

Weighing from just 350 grams, the Surge is the lightest surf paddle on the market but doesn’t sacrifice durability in the process. 
  • APEX CARBON SHAFT: The Apex shafts also feature 30T laminates for reduced weight and increased paddling power. Being marginally stiffer than previous models the shafts have been optimized for the full range of paddlers. With the trend towards slightly higher volume SUP surf boards, we wanted to increase power slightly and these new shafts help us achieve this while maintaining our familiar flex, reducing fatigue, and safeguarding against injury – when the surf is good, we want you to make the most of it with long pain free sessions.
  • SURF GRIP HANDLE: The hollow pre-preg carbon Surf Grip (formerly known as the T-handle) is a standout feature of the Surge paddle. With its unique flat front and curved back design, this handle provides direct tactile feedback to the paddler, ensuring precise blade orientation. The compact size of the Surf Grip enhances paddle agility and ensures a secure hold during wipeouts. Constructed with thirteen layers of carbon, this handle is built to withstand the rigors of surfing while maintaining an impressively light weight of only 22 grams making it the lightest paddle handle in our lineup..
  • SDBT TECHNOLOGY: The Surge incorporates our Scooped Dihedral Blade Technology (SDBT) which holds water securely through the power phase, eliminating lateral movement and delivering force in a smooth, efficient manner. The extension of the dihedral ridge towards the toe of the blade keeps it stable and delivering power, even if you don’t get a full paddle stroke. The concave design of the two sides of the dihedral increases power output. The Surge blade is predictable, powerful, and efficient, encouraging the use of smaller sizes.

Features of the Black Project Surge:

Size Blade area Max length Rec. rider weight Shaft Weight
XS 446 cm2 (69.1") 195 cm 40 - 65 kg RDS (26 mm) 308 grs for 180 cm
S 485 cm2 (75.2") 195 cm 50 - 75 kg RDS (26 mm) 324 grs for 180 cm
M 519 cm2 (80.4") 195cm 60 - 85 kg SDS (29 mm) 350 grs for 188 cm
L 545 cm2 (84.5") 195cm 70 - 95 kg SDS (29 mm) 370 grs for 196 cm
XL 568 cm2 (88") 195 cm 80 - 105 kg SDS (29 mm) 383 grs for 200 cm
  • Surf Grip
  • The Lightest Surf Paddle fr. 350 gr.
  • APEX 30T Carbon Shaft
  • 26mm & 29mm Shaft Options
  • 3-Piece Option Available
  • Slim-Line Blade/Shaft Joint
  • Scooped Dihedral Blade Technology
  • Rounded Edges for Reduced Board Damage
  • Shallow 8° Blade angle
  • Sizes: XL, L, M, S, XS
  • Extended Tapered Scoop
Important: The paddle in size XS and S comes with a 26 cm shaft and the rest of the sizes with a 29 mm shaft. If you want to modify the configuration, contact us when placing the order..
Watch the new BP Surge in this video:
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