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Possibly the best inflatable SUP boards in the world!

Red Paddle Co. was founded in 2007 by a group of riders who, after spending a lot of time paddling on top of different paddle surf boards and acknowledging that this sport was becoming more popular, decided to take the plunge and start designing and developing a board that was only in the initial stages at the time: an inflatable SUP board.

By choosing to focus exclusively on inflatable Stand Up Paddle Surf boards, they refined their research and development process and helped to advance board manufacturing technology. They are known for using high-quality materials, optimised processes and cutting edge designs, making their company one of the world's most trusted and acclaimed brands when it comes to inflatable boards.

With their many inflatable SUP board models that are available, Red Paddle, Co. has created boards and shapes that fulfill the needs and expectations of all types of different SUP riders. Whether  it's for touring, waves, fitness, downriver, fishing or racing, Red Paddle has an option for you.


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