3rd Marbella SUP Festival

Submitted on 06-06-2016
Marbella SUP Festival

This week, we bring you updates on the 3rd Marbella SUP Festival, which is an event that we organise and sponsor in partnership with the Paddlesurf Marbella and Nalusur schools. This year, as a novelty, the race belonged to the Circuito del SUP de la Costa del Sol, which has generated much excitement and a large influx of people, with more than 100 enrolled in the different classifications.

The event took place in an enclosed area of the sports port in the city who – together with la Delegación de Deportes y el Ayuntamiento de Marbella - helped to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Many SUP clubs and schools in the area and throughout the country turn to us to enjoy a typical Marbella day with spectacular weather and an amazing atmosphere.

We offer our congratulations to the participants for their willingness and good sportsmanship with those who came to our town. With the success of this event, we can confirm that the SUP will be coming to our coast for a long time to come. 

As a summary of the day, watch this video from the 3rd Marbella SUP Festival to see how the events unfolded throughout the event. 


Marbella SUP Festival race classifications and categories

Riders en carrera  In the event, there are races in the following classifications: Technical Race (técnica), Kids, and Big SUP. 
  • Técnica Pro race, with a distance of 4,400m
  • Técnica Allround race - 2,200m
  • Kids - 400m
  • Big SUP - 400m
All of these races are split into the following categories:
  • Técnica Pro 12'6'' race. Men/Women.
  • Técnica Pro 14' race. Men/Women.
  • Técnica Allround race. Men/Women.
  • Kids:
    • Benjamín (Young) <10 years. Boys/Girls.
    • Alevín (Beginner), between 10 and 12 years. Boys/Girls. 
    • Infantil (Children), between 12 and 14 years. Boys/Girls.
    • Cadete (Youth), between 14 and 16 years. Boys/Girls.
  • Big SUP. Mixed team.
 The different races last all day from 10:30am, so there is always activity in the water and a great environment for everyone.

We wish to congratulate everyone on the high turnout of young people which surpassed our expectations, with almost 50 children in all the classificatons, which allowed us to see them as they begin to emerge as the future players of SUP. ;)

The event hoped to unite Paddlesurf ethusiasts for an active day full of sport and fun, and that's what happened!. This was largely due to all of the schools and clubs that actively participated, providing both enrolled people as well as colobarating in the smooth running of the event, demonstrating excellent behaviour, sportsmanship and comradeship. It's safe to say that Marbella suprised us with the amount of boards in the water.

The setting of the port helped the event a lot, thanks to the development of a tour within the breakwaters, it was possible for the spectators to be very close to the riders, creating a perfect atmosphere and integration between the participants and the rest of the attendees. 
Modalidades de carrera del evento

Marbella SUP Festival Classifications

Below, you will find the classifications of the different Paddle Surf races in the categories of men, women and children. 

Adult Classifications: 

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
14' Men Francisco Magaña Juan Manuel García Juan Bautista Garrido
12'6'' Men Lolo Lázaro Jose Martos Pachi Garrido
12'6'' Women Carolina Seth Smith Marina Navarro -
Allround Men Francis Billiet Moli Rafael García
Allround Women Sirenia Bercedo Gaetane Hermans Daniela Zwerger

Children Classifications:

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Benjamín (Young) Boys Mario Macia Iago Campbell Marcos Fernández
Benjamín (Young) Girls Noa Moreno Dania Rey Gil
Alevín (Beginner) Boys J'Kar Campbell Raúl Moyano William Matsuda
Alevín (Beginner) Girls Saga Lundstrom Bárbara Plaza Erica Matsuda
Infantil (Children) Boys Eric Michel Geilen Sergio Toledo Iker Macia
Infantil (Children) Girls Azul Botto Ainhoa Roig
Cadete (Youth) Boys Javi Sánchez Idriss Billiet Christian Lucas
Cadete (Youth) Girls Alexia Toivainien Manuela Rodríguez Barbara Szabo


Podios Marbella SUP Festival

SUP Costa del Sol Gala

The SUP Costa del Sol Gala will take place on Saturday 2 July, where the prizes will be awarded to the winners of the season after the last race in Fuengirola.  

The Gala will take place in the Marbella port and it will allow all the participants to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere to finish the season.

Soon more information will be published, but you can reserve your date for the event to ensure you don't forget, as there will be similar activities at the gala during this weekend.

Marbella SUP Festival on social media

Follow the Marbella SUP Festival on  Facebook and Twitterto find out the latest news and browse through the official photos of the event here: 3rd Marbella SUP Festival Photo Album

We would like to thank everyone who contributed so that we could continue the Festival and we will return in 2017 with an even bigger Festival with many more surprises.


The Marbella SUP Festival team
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