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Sandra Vazquez - founder of Sami&Bro - tells us how the idea for TRIPSUP came to her: "We live by the beach and everyday we go down there with our SUP boards to enjoy the ocean. When we first got the boards, we used to carry them by hand down to the beach, but the trip back home was exhausting, carrying the boards with us. We thought that some product in the market could help us, but the more we looked around, all we could find were straps that, in our oppinion, seemed uncomfortable and unpractical for daily use. For that reason, we came up with a system of our own, using different pieces, until we made it a reality".

"3 years passed and we started researching materials that satisfied our requirements while thinking 'What if we make this product by ourselves and sell it? Wouldn't it help all our SUP friends?' So we started on it and designed a transportation device for SUP boards that fulfills all expectations and lets you comfortably carry your board around: TRIPSUP".

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