GS Technology by Naish
Stand Up Paddle boards with GS technology are easy to handle and provide amazing versatility due to their many uses. They are suitable for begginers, touring and flatwater.

Naish´s GS technology construction begins with a molded EPS core, where the outer cells are closed by the heat during the molding process. This adds extra resistance against leakage.
The EPS core is covered by a fine Fiberglass layer protecting the core and working as the link between it and the wooden Sandwich cover.

In Naish´s GS manufacturing process, a reinforced wooden layer creates a long-lasting  platform in the stance area that also involves the rails, in order to get a longitudinal crossbar effect that provides rigidity to Naish´s GS boards.

Naish GS SUP boards are covered by an outer fiberglass layer that seals the wooden layer and maximizes impact resistance.

A double Fiberglass layer at the bottom of Naish´s GS Paddle Surf boards grants them extra rigidity.
  • High-resistance technology due to its total fiberglass coating.
  • Weight-reducing EPS core.
  • Reinforced wooden deck in stance area
  • Bottom coating is made of a double fiberglass layer.

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