LE technology by Naish
Stand Up Paddle boards with LE construction are very light and have great glide on water.

Naish's LE technology construction begins with a computer-cut EPS core, where a computer accurately guides the cutting machine.

The EPS core is covered by a fine Fiberglass layer protecting the core and working as the link between the core and the PVC Sandwich covering it.

In Naish´s LE manufacturing process, a PVC layer covers both the deck and the Rails in the Stance area, creating a central crossbar that provides exceptional rigidity and light weight to Naish´s LE boards.

A Carbon Fiber layer in both the Deck and Bottom of Naish's LE PAddle Surf boards yields great rigidity while at the same time reducing weight and improving gliding .

Limited Edition boards by Naish have a sand-like finish to improve grip.
  • Deck and Bottom are made of Carbon Fiber
  • Computer-cut EPS core
  • Central PVC crossbar
  • Light sand finish

Latest products with this technology: