Coco Flax

NSP Coco Flax
NSP Coco Flax technology is the first SUP and surf construction made from all natural coconut fibers.

NSP offers one of the most impressive constructions you will ever use for your SUP and surf boards, made possible by randomly integrating the erratic coconut fibers with a layering process using NSP's unique technology. The most impressive feature of coconut husk fiber is its incredible strenght/weight ratio. After hundred of sailing hours and multiple lab tests, we have recognized that by using the Coco Flax structure you can get both the lightest and strongest SUP and surf boards in the market.
Coconut farm in Thailand
Coconut farm in Thailand
Coconut's natural fibers are readily available, need minimal processing and are harvested from self-sustainable crops near our factory. Boards built with our Coco Flax technology are not only lightweight and durable, they offer a fluid ride with amazing response and a natural visual design based on coconut fiber's random patterns.

NSP is proud to present our new Coco Flax technology boards, the lightest, strongest and more natural surfboard and SUP boards in the market.
NSP Cocoflax - Product of the Year 2019
NSP Coco Flax Technology - Product of the Year 2019
  • Made out of a 30gr/ltrs core of safe EPS (POREXPAN - Expanded polystyrene) cells, which provide low weight, low water retention and high flexibility.
  • 20% reduced weight when compared to a regular board.
  • 50% strength increase compared to other standard products in the market.
  • Double Coconut Husk fiber layer.
  • NSP's patent pending process.
  • Innovative and sustainable manufacturing process.
  • Viable alternative to wooden and bamboo products.

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