Wood WVS

Wood WVS de Slingshot technologyWood WVS de Slingshot technology
The Wood WVS technology is made from a wooden structure shaped like a sandwich, guaranteeing excellent performance and impact resistance.

At every step, a stratification process of the vacuum bags is used in order to improve the union resistance.

This exclusive Slingshot technology certifies a durable SUP board with high resistance to bumps and scratches, preserving an important balance with the weight.
  • These boards have a light EPS core.
  • Between each side, there are succesive multidirectional light fiberglass layers.
  • The looks of the upper cover are made partially out of wood, the rest out of resin.
  • The bottom of the board has a complete wooden finish.
  • The highly resistant surface finish is due to a final epoxy resin layer.

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