Starboard ASAP SUP board technology
These boards are made starting with a reinforced EPS core with a fiberglass stringer. Half the deck is reinforced with a wooden layer that improves resistance. The whole deck is covered by a soft and comfortable grooved EVA rubber pad. The edges have been reinforced with high-density EVA. This EVA rubber has been reinforced by a thermoforming  process that increases surface density.
ASAP technology is a Soft Top with a rigid bottom. Nose and Tail are made of extra impact-resistant EVA. The bottom, made of fiberglass, grants durability and reduced maintenance.
A board with ASAP technology by Starboard is recommended for begginers, SUP schools or any other place where the most important factors should be safety and durability.
  • Safe, durable and affordable construction.
  • ASAP technology is a Soft Top with a rigid bottom.
  • The whole deck is covered by an EVA rubber pad, noting the 4mm width in the stance area and tail for extra grip.
  • Edges, nose and tail are mde of an impact-resistant material.
  • Starboard plastic fins at center and sides.

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