AST Candy

AST Candy TechnologyStarboard SUP board with AST Candy technology
AST Candy is a light core technology made with expanded polystyrene EPS, which is then covered by a series of fiberglass layers.
The manufacturing process of this technology combines different layers and materials using a vacuum pressure technique. The end result is a rigid, resistant and light product.
A wooden layer improves rigidty and impact resistance in the stance area.
  • 15 kg/m3 Polystyrene Core
  • EVA rubber coating in the whole deck: 3mm in stance area and 2mm in the rest of the pad. Startouch treatment everywhere else.
  • Windsurf mast insert
  • Boards under 10'0" come with footstrap inserts for practicing Windsurf or WindSUP
  • Kicktail in boards 9'8" and lower
  • Hexcel central fins
  • Pro models also come with lateral Hexcel fins. Other models include plastic Starboard Flex fins
  • The difference between Electric Blue and Candy series are mostly cosmetic, colors, and the pad type in which Candy technology takes up all the deck.

Latest products with this technology