AST White

Finish and layering of AST White technology.Starboard ASTBoard with AST White technology.
AST White has a sandwich layering technology, where a succession of fibergalss layers and resin create a strong and durable board. These layers sorround the polystyrene core.
The wooden outer layer grants this board the necessary impact resistance and rigidity.
Compared to other AST boards, AST White boards are noticeably more affordable while maintaining Starboard's great service and warranty.
  • Ultra light polystyrene core.
  • Fiberglass layer reinforcement in stance area.
  • Unidirectional fiberglass band along the board.
  • Affordable price, in line with AST Silver and AST Candy's quality.
  • Startouch's ultralight cover grip.
  • Starboard injection molded central fins.
  • Models 11'2 "x 36", 10'5 ""x 32", 10'5 "x 30", 10'0 "x 36" and 10'0 "x 34" come with flexible fins, other models come only with central fin.

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