Finish and layers of Slick technologySlickA board sporting Slick technology
Slick boards are pleasing because of their "soft and resistant" manufacture. The EPS core is reinforced with double wooden crossbars. The central wood of the cover provides additional impact resistance. The polish of the material lends a soft finish that is both strong and resistant to wear. The EVA rubber Pad all over the surface produces a soft and comfortable feel. The edges are made with high density EVA rubber and have been hardened through a thermoforming process that improves impact resistance.
  • Safe, efficient and economical construction.
  • 4 mm EVA rubber Pad all over the cover, slotted in the back part and at two thirds of the board.
  • Soft and safe removable polyurethane.
  • High density thermoformed EVA rubber reinforced edges with impact resistant properties.
  • Soft sponge as fender for the board's tail.

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