Fanatic SUP Diamond Touring 12'6" 2020


Women are aware of the benefits of the Stand Up Paddle. This is a board that you must have for doing long sessions and paddle so far away

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Fanatic SUP Diamond Touring 12'6" 2020


Fanatic SUP Diamond Touring 12'6" 2020Fanatic SUP Diamond Touring 12'6" 2020Fanatic SUP Diamond Touring 12'6" 2020
The Fanatic Diamond Touring is the board that Fanatic has though for women who want spend more time on her board, paddling so far away and getting the benefits of a complete exercise like Stan Up Paddle.

This model is based on the Fanatic Ray and it has been customized and adapted to the special features of women. It remembers to the Fanatic Strike, the board for racing on flat water condition that has a very good feedback by riders.

What can you expect from a touring board? This type of board allows you to paddling more time thanks to its shape that improve the glide and the way that the board goes in the water. The slim nose opens the way in the water and you can go faster. More length gives you the opportunity to paddle by the same side so you can maximize the performance of the board and your session.

You can choose a complete SUP pack, with the Fanatic Diamond Carbon 35 paddle that has been designed in combination with the look of this board.

Key features of the Fanatic Diamond Touring 12'6" 2020

  • Performance oriented scoop-rocker line for effortless glide and minimal wake off the tail
  • Narrow racing style nose for smooth water flow
  • Sharp water-cutting bow transforms into a flat bottom through the centre with a rolled V off the tail for optimum release and stability
  • Extra volume in the rails with a high apex ensures a dry and stable ride for you and your luggage
  • Deck V-Spine up the nose for quick recovery and water dispersal
  • Sharp rail edges from centre to tail for extra stability and release
  • Stretched outline maximizes waterline, wide square tail offers extra stability
  • Flat angled deck shape for secure stance and water release
  • Deck net attachment points
  • Durable and value-minded Pure Light technology

Features of the Fanatic Diamond Touring 12'6" 2020:

  • Length: 12'6" (approx. 381 cm)
  • Width: 28.5" (approx 72.4 cm)
  • Volume: 275 liters
  • Fin: US Box / SUP Race L 22 cm
  • Weight: - kgs
  • Rider weight: Up to 85 kgs
  • Cargo net on the deck
   In the following video you can watch the Fanatic Diamond range


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