Pack Foil de Fanatic Stubby 8'7" LTD Foil Ed + SUP Flow Foil S1 Combo

The Fanatic Stubby LTD 8'7" Foil Edition combined with the Fanatic SUP Flow Foil S1 Combo is one of the best options to start with the foil experience. Also the board can be used for SUP surf and windsurf. A complete set for your favourites water sports.
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Pack Fanatic Stubby Foil 8'7" + Aero Surf Foil 1500


Para practicar SUP foilEmpieza fácil con el pack Stubby Foil

The Fanatic Stubby LTD Foil Edition 2018 8'7" is for riders up to 95 kgs so you can start to try foil modality without problems. Add the Fanatic Flow Foil S1 Combo to the board and ride the waves as never you did it before.

This board is based on the Stubby LTD, copying the shape of it that gives you a sensational flow on the water and waves. Once you change to foil, the Stubby LTD Foil Edition creates a whole new dynamic. Catch waves of any size way before they hit the reef and ride them with new lines and a totally different approach. The adjustable system with two longer tracks allows the use of different foils and finding their individual sweet spot. Additionally the board is equipped with strap inserts for optional Windsurf-Foiling. The greatest variety of multisport-use combined in one package.

SUP foiling requires a certain skill level, so the main objective with the S1 has been to do accessible and easy to ride as possible. The Fanatic SUP Flow Foil S1 Combo 2018 has a large front wing, with a thick profile, adds stiffness and is the key for lifting power at low speeds in smaller surf. The anhedral wing tips help with roll stability and control, preventing wing tip ventilation during turns. Combined with a perfectly trimmed back wing design, it is a foil which remains easy, yet has great manoeuvrability, speed and control.

Remember, this package is not only for SUP foil. You can use the board alone for SUPing, with a rig thanks to its mastfoot insert you can do windsurfing, and the board has strap inserts for windsurfing foil. Will you have enough days to enjoy all the options? ;) 

Key features of the Fanatic Stubby LTD Foil Edition 2018:

  • Two longer US base tracks adjustable for different style of Foils
  • Mastfoot insert and strap inserts for windsurfing /Windsurf-Foiling
  • Straighter, more parallel outline for a cleaner waterline / reduced drag
  • Short and wide ›Stubby-Nose‹ for maximum stability, reduced swing weight, fast change of direction and easy recovery
  • Winger swallow tail for the ultimate turning response / grip / control
  • Pulled down thin performance-rails for maximum carving
  • Hard release edges in the tail for direct acceleration and a light feel
  • Soft rails in the nose for smooth surfing
  • Lightly domed deck for maximum stability
  • Single concave entry, transitioning into a single /double concave mid section into a V / double concave through to the tail providing drive and super fast reactions off the tail
  • Thruster fin setup with 3 multi boxes

Features of the Fanatic Stubby LTD Foil Edition 2018:

8'7" (261.6 cm) 29.25" (74.3 cm) 120 liters 75 to 95 kgs 5x Multi-Box /
2x Track for Foil 4-Way System /
3x Stubby Wave 5" (Futures Box) / RTM

Key features of the Fanatic SUP Flow Foil S1 Combo 2018:

  • Accessible and stable ride
  • Highly durable premium quality
  • High specification Aluminium mast made in Germany
  • Carbon Composite front wing
  • Carbon Compound fuselage and back wing
  • Solid industry-standard 4 screw connection piece, adjustable to the best possible position on your board
  • Optional wedge
  • Polygon screw lock inserts
  • Value-minded
Features of the Fanatic SUP Flow Foil S1 Combo 2018:
  • Mast length: 65 cm
  • Fuselage length: 75 cm
  • Front wing wingspan: 80 cm
  • Front wing surface: 1024 cm2
  • Back wing wingspan: 38 cm
  • Box system: 4 Tornillos M8
Here you can watch the Fanatic Stubby LTD Foil Edition 2018 on action:
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