QuickBlade Trifecta Paddle

This light SUP paddle delivers a smooth and powerful stroke.
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Quickblade Trifecta blade front


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This versatile SUP paddle is made of carbon, has a narrow blade tip and gets fuller in the mid section making for a softer catch yet very powerful mid stroke. It has a double concave blade face that blends nicely into a pronounced dihedral that really adds stability to the stroke while eliminating blade flutter.

Excellent for distance racing, down winders, surfing and touring.

This paddle design is endorsed by Travis Grant, 2013 Molokai winner and BOP distance Champion.

Technical specifications of QuickBlade Trifecta SUP paddle:

  • Blade length: 17.5"
  • Blade width: 7.3"
  • Shaft: carbon 
  • Blade surface: medium / 96 sq/in (544.35 cm2)
  • Angle of Blade: 10º 
  • Handle: stretched and rounded carbon
  • Configuration: Standard
  • Color: Black with white edges and silver logo
  • Section measurement range: from 70cm to 87cm

Here is a video where you can find more information about this paddle:

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