QuickBlade V-Drive Paddle

Quickblade V-Drive PaddleSurf paddle is the latest design of Jim Terrel, Quickblade's founder, alongside famous waterman Dave Kalama. It is the paddle of choice of elite riders for racing.
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QuickBlade V-Drive blade


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This SUP paddle concept was created and shaped by legendary Waterman Dave Kalama.

Its design features a unique scooped V section that’s edges create a double dihedral for enhanced stability during the power application.

The results offer a very stable yet effective power phase with an effortless exit.

Great for catching waves and touring, but it excels at reaching high speeds during a race. .

Features of QuickBlade V-Drive SUP Paddle:

  • Blade length: 17" - 43.18 cm
  • Blade width: 7.5" - 19 cm
  • Shaft: carbon 
  • Blade surface: small / 91 sq/in (586 cm2)
  • Weight: 396 grms
  • Angle of blade: 10º 
  • Shaft: rounded carbon
  • Handle: Slim rounded carbon
  • Configuration: standard
  • Color: Black with white edges and silver logo
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Dave Kalama and QuickBlade
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