RSPro Front Deck Grip Hexa

Cork version of the HexaTraction by RSPro
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Front Deck Grip Hexa


Front Deck Grip HexaFront Deck Grip HexaFront Deck Grip Hexa
We introduce the new Front Deck Grip Hexa, the result of the combination between the Front Deck Grip and HexaTraction. The sustainability and board feeling of the thin cork pad with the broader application possibilities of the HexaTraction hexagonal pieces. 

The Front Deck Grip Hexa is super thin for a better board feeling. It is sustainable and energy efficient material as well as extremely light and non-aggressive to your skin. No melting, no hassle, no residues & no contamination, these are some properties of the Front Deck Grip Hexa.

Easy to install with the modular configuration thanks to the shape match with HexaTraction completing a full wax-free board. Works on all kinds of boards (epoxy, PU, wood and foam). Cork honeycomb shaped cells with excellent impact absorption and heat protection properties. 

Features of the Front Deck Grip Hexa:

  • 1 kit (box) is composed by 12 full hexagons and 3 half hexagons of 16cm (6.3”) and a star shaped installation template.
  • 1mm thickness.
  • Net weight: 185 grams (6.5 ounces).
  • Made from cork.
  • Identical shape of HexaTraction for a perfect match.
  • Identical shape angles with Front Deck Grip for a perfect match.
  • Care & Maintenance tips

Watch how to install the Hexatraction system on Stand Up Paddle board. 


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