RailSaverPRO, protect your SUP board with style

Protect your board with style

RailSaverPRO is an alternative project between the companies of Autoadhesivos ZR and 337labs. All products have been designed, developed and manufactured in Barcelona, where both companies are located. They are experts in the field of adhesives and founder Carlos Carrera has a passion for the sport of Stand Up Paddle. Because of this, they decided to look for a way to protect the paddles and other surfaces from wearing themselves against the board's edges as new boards can be hefty investments. The end result was spectacular and even the company admits they were surprised and impressed by the protection they had designed. This reaction was reinforced by users' feedback and propelled them to share their product with the Stand Up Paddle community, thus RailSaverPRO was born.

Their business partner is a longtime player in the automotive sector and is responsible for providing the innovative material needed to manufacture the product. Because of this, the brand can rest easy and be assured that all their products will go through rigourous quality checks. They will surpass the customer's expectations, as they have done for years whilst working for Honda, Yamaha and other big names in the automotive industry.

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