HexaTraction Board Grip RSPro Candy Shop Edition

New RSPro HexaTraction edition to create a personal and creative illustration on your board improving the grip
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HexaTraction Grip RSPro Candy Edition


HexaTraction Grip RSPro Candy EditionHexaTraction Grip RSPro Candy EditionHexaTraction Grip RSPro Candy Edition
The RSPro brand, quality guarantee and efficient design, surprises us with a new product that changes the concept of "grip" in the SUP and Surf boards.

The HexaTraction Board Grip consists of several hexagons that you can easily place in that area of ​​your Paddle Surf board where you want to get a total grip. Its modular design makes it easy and quick to install, and being transparent, fully respects the color and graphics of your board.

Unlike wax, its effectiveness does not vary with water temperature. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly product, as it does not generate any type of waste.

The HexaTraction kit includes 18 complete hexagons and 4 halves. Each of the hexagons measures 16 cm (6.3 ''), and is composed of dozens of micro-hexagons that provide the necessary grip and traction inside the water. In the box you will also find a template, so that the installation is even easier, and you get an aesthetically perfect result.

Features of the HexaTraction Candy Edition

  • Keeps grip and grip regardless of water temperature.
  • Light and thin, and does not absorb water.
  • It does not melt, leaves no residue and does not pollute.
  • Modular configuration super easy to install.
  • Waterproof and UV protected.
  • It does not irritate or damage the skin.

This is a video where you can see how to instal the hexa traction  in the nose of a board. 


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