Edge Saver RSPro Jumbo

Paddle protector for SUP in jumbo size with the quality of RSPro products.
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Edge Saver Pro Jumbo White
Edge Saver Pro Jumbo White
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Edge Saver Pro to protect the blade


The Edge Saver is served in a 2 units packEdge Saver Pro
Following the success of the Edge Saver, RSPro's high-quality SUP , the brand offers a variation for those who want full protection for the blade.

The Edge Saver RSPro Jumbo is longer than the standard model, allowing you to completely cover the blade of your shovel, keeping it safe from scratches and bumps and keeping your Paddle Surf paddle as new.

Like the Edge Saver RSPro, it guarantees the highest protection against impact and abrasion with a minimum weight and thickness, which means that its use does not affect the performance of paddling in the water, which keeps its performance intact.

The placement in the Paddle is very easy, thanks to a great capacity of adaptation to the curves, and to a specially designed adhesive to allow repositioning during the installation.

It is made with an elegant white and transparent design, which adapts to the aesthetics of any blade.

Important: The adhesive EdgeSaver RSPro is very strong, to remove it from your paddle we recommend applying heat, for example a hair dryer.

Features of the Edge Saver RSPro Jumbo:

  • 2 Edge Savers 90cmx1.8cm (3'x0.7 ").
  • Construction in elastic PVC of 300 microns.
  • Lenticular surface pattern, with high resistance to impact and abrasion.
  • White design on the edge, and transparent on the blade, with RSPro logo on each side.
  • It is resistant to UV rays and remains translucent without yellowing.
* The pack includes two edge protectors so you can protect two of your paddles or share it with a friend.
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