RSPro Front Deck Grip Cork

The RSPro Front Deck Grip is the new proposal that Rail Saver brings you to mount a grip by a simple way on your board. No complications and amazing design, it is four pieces of self-adhesive cork that you can assemble as you prefer on any board.
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RSPro Front Deck Grip Corcho
RSPro Front Deck Grip Corcho
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RSPro Front Deck Grip


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The RSPro brand doesn't stop innovating in its products, the Hexatraction was added to its famous Rail Savers that have given such good results to those who were looking for a grip system cleaner than wax, with the firs, and protection for the rails with the seconds. The latest product by RSPro is this Front Deck Grip made of cork that is presented as the ideal solution to renew the pad or put a new grip to our board.

The Front Deck Grip is made of natural cork, a sustainable and energy efficient material that doesn't absorb water, it is composed of four independent adhesive pieces that can be fixed on any board (fiber, epoxy or foam), it is only 1 mm of thickness for a better board feeling and without the "locked up” effect of traditional pads, that millimeter also adds resistance to the blows in that area, since the cork has excellent impact absorption properties thanks to its honeycomb shaped cells.

Finallly, it has identical shape angles with HexaTraction for a perfect match, so you can have your board ready with the whole RSPro grip, the Front Deck for the stance area and the Hexatraction on the others and your board will be clean always.

Features of the RSPro Front Deck Grip:

  • Adhesive grip composed of 4 pieces
  • Easy to install (and remove) in all kinds of boards (epoxy, PU, wood and foam) 
  • Identical shape angles with HexaTraction for a perfect match completing a full no-wax board
  • Cork honeycomb shaped cells with excellent impact absorption properties
  • Heat protection and insulation
  • General dimensions: 39x52 cm (15.3"x20.1") x 1mm thickness
  • 4 pieces of 9x41.3cm (3.5"x16.3")
  • Net weight: 100 grams (3.5 ounces)

In the following video you can watch how to install the RSPro Front Deck Grip on a surfboard:


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RSPro Front Deck Grip Dimensions
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