Rail Saver PRO Clear Jumbo

RailSaverPRO Clear Jumbo is the perfect protective accessory for large SUP boards.
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Rail Saver Pro Clear Jumbo


Detail of Rail Saver Clear Jumbo installed in a big Starboard SUP boardPackaging and presentation of Rail Saver Pro JumboFeatures of Rail Saver Pro Clear JumboEasy intallation of Rail Saver Pro
RailSaverPRO Clear Jumbo is the best quality large Stand Up Paddle board rail protector available in the market.

It's the big brother of the regular RailSaver Pro Clear.
  • Protect the rails of your SUP board from impacts with your paddle. Just enjoy!
  • Keep your SUP boards in top shape, so they will have better resale value.
  • No visual impact on your board whatsoever. Perfect for setting it up with a new UP board.
  • Easy installation. Can be re-positioned during installation.
  • Does not discolour over time, it will even outlast your board.

Specifications of RailSaverPro Clear Jumbo:

  • The JUMBO is specifically designed to suit the needs of big boards, with big rails. Perfect for anything above 11′.
  • Clear, translucid, with RSPRO logo at the side in silver color for a perfect match to any board design.
  • 2 strips x 210cm(6’11″) x 8,9cm(3″1/2) semi-rigid 380 micron PVC lenticular pattern surface for high impact and abrasion resistance with the minimum weight. The lenticular patterns surface also facilitates adaptation to difficult areas and easy installation.
  • UV resistant and perfectly crystaline adhesive.
  • Designed and manufactured in Barcelona.
The adhesive in RailSaverPRO is very strong, so to get it off your board we recommend applying local heat, like a hairdryer for example.

Here's a video where you can see how to install RailSaverPRO, you'll figure how easy it really is. Notice how you can re-position it during installation. In any case, it is recommended to wait at least 6 hours after installation before getting the board into the water.
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